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"First of all, thanks so much for bringing your camp to the area and especially so close here in town at Mt Olive.  It has been a pleasure meeting you, Mary, TJ and even Mom haha.  I can personally attest that my son (Zach) absolutely loved his time in your camp.  He has been talking about you, Mary and TJ non-stop and his experience learning from you all has been invaluable as a young developing player.  He truly looks up to you guys and  I have definitely seen his love of basketball grow even more during the camp.  Zach has even brought what he has learned in your camp to our driveway hoop by working/mimicking the different drills and techniques you all have been showing them during camp.  This, in itself, makes his learning experience worth his time coming out and participating. 

Last and most important to me as Zachary's Dad, was the patience and encouragement you, Mary and TJ have displayed while teaching all the girls and boys during Zach's experience.  You all were very approachable and personable and I am sure Zach would do it all over again.  Thank you for that.  If you have a Facebook Page for your Camp, please share to keep in touch.  I would love to see any current and future videos you guys may put together to help in skill development."

Mark R.

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Seth has improved so much on his ball handling, jump shot, and overall confidence since working with Sterling. Not only has training with Sterling helped his game its helped him to to feel confident in his decision making on and off the court! Thank you, Sterling!

Maggie S.

Watched Sterling for years as a top notch collegiate player, now having him work with my son and daughter individually has made a world of difference for both of them! Sterling is the real deal! He will give your player the edge they've been looking for.

Tim G.

2018 camp was amazing! Sterling took time out to work with my son individually (who was a beginner at the time), showing Alex fundamentals that made his first season on a team a huge success. Can't wait to sign up for camp again this year!

Andrea W.

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