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Mindset Coaching

Coaching to assist athletes master their mindset.

When it comes to basketball half the battle is mental. At the free throw line, shooting a game winner, competing against a chippy opponent, the list goes on. Mastering your mindset in these situations could truly change the efficacy of your game.

Does your athlete struggle to balance his/her competitive nature with appropriate sportsmanship? Does he/she put their all into every game and become easily frustrated with teammates who just aren't there yet?  Is motivation keeping your athlete from reaching his/her full potential?

Consider mindset coaching with Transformative Coach, Sterling Gibbs. Not only has Sterling earned a masters degree in educational psychology, as a professional athlete he has experienced it all. Sterling too struggled with mindset on and off the court as a adolescent and even as a collegiate player but since has learned how to properly manage the emotions that come with being extremely competitive. 

Coach Gibbs will work specifically with your athlete to create positive mindset shifts, in game "hacks," and a focus on maintaining your competitive edge without losing your cool.

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